The Unofficial Liveranking to the DeinContestHandy Seo Contest 2015

deincontesthandy-tratschIt is time again for the current Seo Contest to the OmClub 2015. Randolf has called, and all SEOs are back within a short time period.

Deincontesthandy – what is there to win?

As every year, the winner of the contest may be pleased with a brand new iPhone, this time it will probably be the 6S. Of course in the largest version with 128 GB memory! But it will also be exciting for the other participants. A further request handy is raffled among all.

This year, there is still another change: If you are in the first place 24 hours after the start of the contest, you can ride a Formula 3000 car for 12 rounds on a ring of your choice. When?

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Nine Deincontesthandy pages so far at the start

So far, nine pages have been added to the serps. From other Seos I know that actually have a lot more pages available. Either these people shy away from Google Webmaster Tools, or they do not know them yet;)

Anyway, we can be curious how many will be drawn by 16.09, 22 clock, when the winner is drawn at the OMClub Party in the hall Tor 2 in Cologne.

Why do I participate in the Deincontesthandy SEO competition?

For fun, I actually take part in every Seo contest. Unfortunately, I often miss the time to really care about the pages as you should normally. No matter whether it’s Black or Whitehat – standing at the front is a huge effort. And if you do not have the resources you need, it can also be an expensive fun.

I will not put so much work into this thing, but still try out other methods to see what is possible in the short term. Dear Seo customers: I advise you to take these results with caution. Partially here is best Blackhat SEO unpacked, which one would not expect any company side. Under Moneykeys, some of these sites listed above would never survive more than a week!
Deincontesthandy at Tumblr, Facebook, or Wix

My site has just fallen out of the top 10, but I’m in good shape to make it back. The competition is very big, but it was clear that if Randolf calls for the annual Seo Contest, numerous SEOs would again be involved.

What is noticeable: Many participants use large social media accounts, homepage building kits or free webspace (Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, Wix, etc.). Since these usually have a high trust from their house, they land relatively quickly in front of the Serps. So ask yourself whether you can go with a correct project, real domain, in the medium term. Well, I’m good with all of them.