Q: Is GOSLEEP® eco-friendly?
A: The GOSLEEP pillow is made from an environmentally-innovative material which is very well tested for maintaining their standards. GOSLEEP® chooses sustainable components, like our CertiPUR-US shredded memory foam fill. To achieve CertiPUR-US certification, materials must meet the following requirements:
-Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals
-Made without prohibited Phthalate softening agents
-Made without Ozone depletes Airplane Travel Pillow
-Made without formaldehyde
-Made without PBDE flame retardants
Q: does the pillow from GOSLEEP prevent your head from falling forward or to the sides?
A: Yes, the GOSLEEP® mask gently cradles your head in an upright position, once the adjustable toggles are set to your liking, allowing you to rest or sleep!
Q: Is GOSLEEP® easy to use?
A: Yes! You just place the eye mask on your face and put the pillow behind your neck or back, put the wide strap goes around your head and you are done.
Q: while traveling Do you hate waking up with the head-bob OR just wound yourself Wake up on the shoulder of your neighbor?
A: GOSLEEP® shall solve most of your problems.
Q: How easy is it to pack?
A: very easy to pack and carry as the mask fits in the zipper pocket pillow, not taking any more space.
Q: Where is your product designed and manufactured?
A: all design and manufacturing is done in Los Angeles, CA as GOSLEEP® is proud to be an American company.
Q: Is GOSLEEP® machine washable?
A: Spot cleaning is recommended when needed