At GigaPros get cheap virtual dedicated servers at its best and amazing features.

GigaPros is the name which comes to our mind as they are very well known for their work when we think of virtual dedicated server and they have achieved a good reputation in entire industry. also one more important thing about multiple data centers is that equal diversification has been gained due to which failure of entire network is highly impossible, and not even hackers who are more specialized can shake their data centre, and stop their services, so you can have peace of mind.  They are known to install their own servers on their network as the datacenters provide us their network infrastructure.    They have wonderful ethics and hence work on crystal clear approach, and no fake work is involved, they work more transparently.

Some of the features are mentioned below which makes them different in entire industry:

  1. Datacenter: having multiple data centers is what GigaPros specialize for, and all of their data centers come with equal diversification which prevents complete failure of the entire GigaPros network.
  2. Zero overselling: there is no overselling of their virtual private servers.
  3. Broker / EA Choice: they only provide MetaTrader at startup but their system works with any Broker/EA of your choice.
  4. Unbeatable uptime: as they have a fault tolerant hardware they ensure a 99.9 % uptime.
  5. Cell phone ready: this means that they can be accessed directly from your iPhones, whichever it might be: Blackberry, Android or any other Smartphone in that case.
  6. High performance: they have set high standards and hence the performance is really very high, and more than satisfactory level, is achieved.

You can visit their official website for more details, or give them a call.